Hey! That Was My Idea: How To Act On Your Idea Or Invention Without Breaking The Bank

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Thank you Scott S. This really sounds great, and yet I need to get started with Earn 1 K. I would like to know what are the core differences between the Zero to Launch course and Earn 1 K.

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Earn1K: Create a side freelance business. Finding an idea, finding clients, pricing your service, etc. Zero to Launch: Create a successful online business. Developing an idea, getting traffic, sales systems, marketing, pricing, packaging, and more. Very similar to James, because I work in consulting at a big company and am not sure the lifestyle is sustainable or even attractive since now I have a baby and want to spend more time with him. For me, the excitement would come from seeing what others do with the knowledge and tools I give them.

Agree with Stewart…. To see how much of a positive impact you have on others. And to be able to know that youve helped them tremendously: not only with finances, but with every aspect of their lives. To me, that is the ultimate satisfaction. The most exciting thing about owning my own online business would be the freedom to do the things I want to do.

The freedom to work on projects I love excites me. I would like to have the flexibility to quit my full time job for a few years without dropping to zero income. The most exciting thing about an online business for me is knowing that whatever it is I do is competing in a global marketplace. To succeed there is a great achievement. I love the comments, Ramit. You sound like today you are mentally high-fiving the other commenters and nearly dancing in front of your computer. You are right. I feel something rare running through my body.

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Is this an emotion??? What excites me the most about an online business is the opportunity to passively generate extra revenue on a flexible schedule. The idea of freedom is a huge plus for me. Something that I have created and made successful on my own. Most exciting: being able to reach my specific audience that NEEDS to hear my message and information! I know that these individuals are out there, but with personal training only in person, I am limiting my audience to my immediate location.

What excites me is what it would mean for my life today. It would add so much value in terms of time and flexibility, which means I can work at things not worrying abt he opportunity cost of my time. And as I invest in myself I would be able to help others as well. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, and other insecurities that try to plague me.

But whether these lies do their work well or not is up to me and how I respond to it, not react to it. Im in this position. Building something that can reach so many people and transcend the normal workday with respect to time is exciting. I feel that the potential of this is worth the challenge. My parents worked so hard to support my sister and I growing up and putting us thought college.

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While I would love the freedom and flexibility a online business would give me, being able to help them out as they retire would mean so much to me. The most exciting thing about starting an online business is that I have something to share that I know will help people.

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Getting paid while doing something I love that has helped someone else is the ultimate goal. It goes beyond getting paid for a task or expertise. It has long lasting impact. Being able to leverage my time. The ability to reach a huge audience which is exponentially bigger than if you stick to just your location.

burjapuzzsu.cf The possibility of relocating to where you want to without the fear of needing to find a new job, commute times, starting from scratch etc. Having multiple areas of income and being able to establish yourself as an expert and charge more for premium services. What excites me most about an online business is definitely doing what you love and being able to reached or help on a global scale.

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I also like the idea of having more freedom. Spending more time with family and doing stuff we like doing and when every we want. I like this. The freedom that comes with stepping into your own power, doing your own thing and really, creating your own life is something that appeals to me. If you run a business online you have to be on your toes; constantly learning, keeping up with trends and technologies and this part of it also excites me. You can build a supportive tribe and community.

You can take your laptop and work anywhere. One of the biggest things for me is the money. I would love the freedom of starting my own business and being in control. The possibilities of scaling that excite me!

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Same here! The learning curve has been huge but now that I have those skills, all I have to do is scale up. I feel that the beauty of an online business that i start myself is that it has no limitations, that it can scale with me if done correctly.

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The possibility of starting a business online that does not require me to stop what i am currently doing for now, but has the capability of being my primary source of income down the line is exciting. What excites me is the idea of having the flexibility to do little things like go for breakfast during the week, walk my puppy during the day, spending daylight hours outside actually enjoying it instead of experiencing it through a window. I agree.

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This is one of my favorite things about a successful online business. I go to the gym in the middle of the day, take naps when I want, take a 3-day weekend to go skiing…but I also work hard.

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Here is how to prepare before pitching an invention idea to an There is no set-​in-stone way on how to present your product to For your process to run smoothly, get to know these terms and act on the ones which fit your invention and its . I would recommend them to anyone going through a stressful or. The Crucial Steps for Going from Business Idea to Launch but you've got an idea for a business and are intent on getting it off the ground. It allows you to test out whether or not your vision is feasible. Bank loans or loans from the SBA (Small Business Administration) require that you pay back principal and interest.

Joelle, I completely agree! Do I love the idea of taking vacations or long weekend trips more often? Well said. Freedom and flexibility! For sure.

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Personally, I like languages. My wife runs a shipping business out of our apartment and she has a website, but the work cannot be done remotely. What excites me about an online business is the ability to do the work from almost anywhere. I was doing well but needed to commit more time and resources and instead I walked away. Regret it?